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Standalone Customer Feedback Machine

The Customer Feedback Machine is a standalone operating feedback machine. It can be used to monitor, understand and impact customer happiness. We help you manage the customer experience delivered by a brand to its consumers or a city to its citizens.

When power supply is given to this machine it takes feedback and saves the feedback in a memory chip. Whenever we connect this device to a computer it will send data to the computer.


  • Power Requirement: Input to power adapter is 230V-50hz. Output from power adapter is 9V-2A. Machine operating voltage is 5V-500mA

  • Machine body is plastic which is shock proof & water proof

  • Feedback button life is 1 crore cycles

  • Machine warranty is of 1 year. After that AMC (annual maintenance contract) will be provided


  • Feedbacks: There are total five feedback options on the machine, namely - 1.Very Good, 2.Good, 3.Average, 4.Bad, 5.Very bad

  • When the customer (user) gives one of the feedbacks, an LED will blink and a buzzer will sound. Feedback will be stored in memory. All feedbacks for the day will be stored in memory; around 65,000 feedbacks can be stored in memory

  • Result: At the end of the day you can take all feedback data into a computer. After pressing ‘BAD’ and ‘VERY BAD,’ both buttons simultaneously, all data is sent to a computer through the serial communication RS232. All this data is stored on the computer in chart form i.e. into software present in the computer. The result can also be stored in PDF format

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