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Making sure devotion doesn't turn into pollution

Ankit and Karan, two friends in Kanpur were shocked by the amount of flowers being dumped into the river everyday that was choking the life forms with pesticides and chemical fertilisers. The non attended flower heaps lying at the Parmat temple in Kanpur and their disposal in river Ganges became the focal point of their discussions and Ankit took up to resolving this matter as a class project. Two years later when he decided to move back to Kanpur, he and Karan decided to work on Helpusgreen (now called Phool).

Every temple, mosque, gurudwara and church in India has an abundance of flowers in their vicinity. From flower sellers, to offerings to the gods, to flowers strewn on the floor and flowers received in the form of blessings. However, the disposal of these flowers has never been taken care of. According to many religious beliefs flowers offered during prayers cannot be dumped into garbage bins after they have been used, this results in them being dumped in the rivers and lakes polluting them and harming the life forms that live there since the pesticides and fertilizers used are fatal.

This is where Helpusgreen (now called Phool) enters the picture. Ankit and Karan thought of a way to convert the wastage made by these flowers into an eco friendly business idea that would also clean up the rivers. In May 2015, they founded Helpusgreen (now called Phool) with the aim of utilizing the disposed flowers and turning them into bio-fertilisers and eco friendly products. They pick up flowers from different places of worship every day and then mix it with organic cow dung and treated with about 17 natural components like coffee residue, corn cobs, etc. After a few days, earthworms are added to the mix. These worms consume the mixture and lead to the formation of vermicompost which is the best #organic matter available for plants. Karan and Ankit have named their product Mitti which is a power packed shot of mineral rich nutrients and enzymes that energizes the soil in your gardens and homes. From its source to the end, Mitti is a 100% natural product that is made using natural processing so that it has zero carbon footprint and remains free from all forms of chemicals and carcinogens.

Helpusgreen (now called Phool) products are packaged in recycled material, made from discarded cartons from a liquor factory in Kanpur. Additionally, because they know people usually don’t throw away packets that have pictures of gods and goddesses on them, Ankit and Karan pack the havan/yajna items in seed paper that is embedded with tulsi seeds. The discarded packets will grow into plants when they come into contact with soil.

Kudos to this power packed duo for taking on such meaningful work. We at Greenassets.in are proud to feature your story!

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